Characteristics of the Asian Tiger Mosquito

The Asian tiger mosquito is about 2-10 mm long, and has a beautiful black and white pattern. The variation in the body size of adult mosquitoes depends on the population density of the larvae, food supplies, and water purification. Because these conditions are rarely optimal, the average size of the adult mosquitoes is much smaller than 10 mm. For example, the average length of the belly is between 2.63 mm and 2.7 mm, and the wings measure 1.88 mm. This was studied in 1962 for both male and female mosquitoes.
Males are 20% smaller than females, but are morphologically very similar. But as in all mosquito species, the antennae of males is larger than females and contains auditory receptors to detect the characteristic hum of females. Palpation of the top male are longer than the trunk, while palpation of the upper jaw of female is much shorter. Other features do not distinguish between the sexes.
The body is dark with silvery scales. The compound eyes are clearly separated from each other. Scutum, the dorsal part of the insect thoracic, stretches along the central line is a black and white. The side of the thorax, scutellum, and the abdomen also have silvery white scales.
Tergites on segments II to VI of the abdomen are dark and have an almost triangular silver-white marking on them. The lower abdomen is full of bands with silvery scales. They also have transparent wings, which have white spots at the base of the coast. With older mosquito samples, the results may be partially dissipated by the features mentioned above and are very different.
Aedes albopictus, a male species, is a length of about 2-10 mm. Since the family is part of the mosquito family, the female has a long snout, which is used to collect the blood supply of their eggs. Tiger (female) mosquito is quick, and can escape most people trying to hit it. However, the male member of the species feeds mainly on nectar.
The female lays her eggs near water, not directly to other mosquitoes, but generally close to the stagnant pool. The water has to be open enough for larvae to develop. The asian tiger mosquito lives a short duration (less that 200m) to the breeding grounds they were born at.

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