How To Place Your Mosquito Trap If You Live In The Country

The country home is out in open when compared to fenced in smaller yards of the city or outer city.
The most important ideas in fighting mosquitos here:

  1. Areas holding standing water (plenty of places, some as small as a few drops), and
  2. The wind direction.
  3. Using the right bait (and machine). Check at right, under Valuable Resources: “A Map of Mosquito Bait.”

If your house is near areas with standing water, it would be wise to help out your new mosquito machine by buying those inexpensive mosquito dunks or pucks you throw into the standing water areas. Usually available at your local hardware store. Read their directions carefully.
As to the size of mosquito machine, and from personal experience, it is wise to buy the large size, the 1 acre size, if your house is in cottage country.
However, if your home is in the marshlands (swamps or bogs) or in the deep woods (moose or deer country), from expert recommendations, it is best to attack the problem with as many tools as available. So, go ahead and (1) buy the biggest mosquito trap killing machine, and (2) buy the water pucks (dunks), and if your property has a pond or something similar nearby (3) buy a fogger to ‘gas’ the buggers, following directions carefully. Again, it’s ”1-2-3 strikes and you’re out” for mosquitos.
Placement of the machine is similar to the ideas (above) around the yard in urban and suburban: about 30 to 40 feet from your sitting area. Pay particular attention to the added importance of wind direction in your mosquito season.
Take out the 50-foot cord, tie one end to the outdoor table and chairs you’ll be seated at, then while unwrapping the cord walk WITH the prevailing wind direction (your back to the wind). Drop the cord. Keep that directional line in mind for the rest of this suggested placement.
Go back to your seat. Turn around and notice where the shrubs and gardens are (bad) or the area of tall grasses (worse) or any standing water pond or ditch (both absolute worsts). These are the threats (where mosquitos hide out until hungry).
Put the machine DOWNWIND of you and between you and the greatest threat area (30′ to 40′ away). Hint: remember the line in the yard you made using the 50-foot cord? That’s the direction the wall of wind moves. Shift the machine in your yard so that its stream of invisible vapor will be carried along with the wall of wind and towards that greatest threat. That’s so the mosquitos “see” or “smell” the stream of invisible vapor BEFORE they get a chance to smell you. They go to the trap and die instead of onto you and having a free meal.

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