Mice Repellent – How to Keep Mice Out of Your Home for Good

Mice are intruders in our home, they carry diseases which can often be fatal. When we think about home security we often think of security against human criminals, we don’t always think about the mice out there who want to use our homes as sanctuary and during that time infect it too.
Overall every single year we spend millions on home security systems to help keep our homes safe and our own. So next time you are buying home security system against humans, make sure you purchase some home security system against rodents too.
Mice enjoy dark and dingy corners of homes and garages. They enjoy garages most as often these places are untidy and often filled with boxes and a box provides a rodent their perfect home. A good way to repel mice from your home and garage is to keep the area generally tidy and clean, a sanitary home is a rodent free home. If you provide a rodent a home, they will live there. If you provide an unwelcoming home to a rodent, this will work as a natural mice repellent.
You may have already encountered a mouse infestation and are now wondering how to repel them or lure them away from your home. One way of making your home unpleasant to mice or rats but extremely pleasant to you is to place eucalyptus in the cupboards.
Eucalyptus is a natural mice repellent, meaning if you decide not to hurt any of the mice when getting rid of them this is the choice for you. It also smells lovely and can make your home fresher.
If you are suffering from an extremely bad rodent infestation, you may need to take more desperate measures and call an exterminator. Mice hide themselves and can be extremely difficult to catch yourself. This may be expensive to call an exterminator but if you weigh up the cost of hospitalizing yourself through food poisoning due to the infestation, you’d be better off paying for the extermination. This is not exactly a mice repellent, more of a permanent mice execution but your safety should come first.

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