Mouse Deterrent

Mice affect households every single day by entering homes and causing a disturbance. Wild mice carry diseases and can often lead to illness which is not something anyone wants especially if children are living in the household.
While using poison seems like a good idea to eliminate them from your home, often it isn’t. Poison will kill the animal yet finding the animal may be a different story as mice often find somewhere hidden away before dying. A dead mouse can smell which is extremely unpleasant; especially in your home. This is why some people opt for natural remedies at eliminating mice, it doesn’t kill the animal, just deters it from your home.


Some good mouse deterrents include peppermint oil. This is a very useful aid in deterring any kind of rodent from your property as the smell is so strong and it is far too deep for any kind of rodent to withstand. Peppermint oil can also keep your home smelling fresh. The easiest way to do this is to put a few drops of it onto cotton balls and place them in areas where mice are likely to get in, yet are also inconspicuous so visitors don’t notice them either.
Another way of keeping mice out of your home for good or to stop them getting in altogether is to seal areas you know they could get in through. A good way to board up a small hole created by whatever, is with plaster for a long time job that won’t need to be done again.
One of the best and proven ways of mouse deterrent is by buying a plug in. These plug ins send out a noise at a frequency not heard to us humans, yet to a mouse it is extremely unsettling and you will be mouse free from then on! This can purchased for about $25 and it is a worthy investment for a mouse free home.

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