Natural Ways to Repel Mice

There are many ways to kill mice that get into your house, but many of them require the use of toxic substances and often a messy cleanup. Face it, no one wants to have to clean up after a dead mouse in the house.
It is better to think of natural ways to repel mice before they even enter your house.
Mice can get in anywhere, even if your house is brand new and sealed to perfection. They can squeeze into even the tiniest door from underneath. There are several different natural ways to repel mice that you can use.
One of the natural ways to repel mice is to spray a mixture of cat and fox odor around your house. This odor will not be detectable by you, but will sure be detectable by the mouse who fears these creatures as they are its natural predator. This is one of best natural ways to repel mice that there are and it is not toxic, environmentally friendly and not hazardous to your children or pets. Using a fox and cat spray is one of the best natural ways to repel mice.
Other natural ways to repel mice is to make sure that you do not have anything in your garage or home that tempts mice to make an entrance. Mice are generally looking for food when they enter your home, or looking for a place to nest. Wood piles are a home to mice. You should make sure that the woodpile for the fireplace is outside instead of in the garage as this can draw mice to your garage and thus, to your house. You should also make sure that you keep the garbage cans out of the garage and in the yard. Garbage in the house should not be allowed to sit for a long period of time and should be covered. These are all natural ways to repel mice.
Getting a cat in the house is one of the most natural ways to repel mice as the creatures will not go into the house if they smell the cat. If the mouse goes into the house, the cat will spend all day and night, if necessary, hunting its natural prey and will kill it in one fell swoop. Cats are an excellent natural way to repel mice. Unfortunately, they are also a responsibility, need to be cleaned up after and can wreak havoc in your home with their claws. They also have to be fed and can be a costly expense.
When you are looking for natural ways to repel mice, there is no better way than using preventive measures to decrease the lure of the mouse to the house and use a natural product that will scare the mouse into thinking that bobcats and foxes live in your home.

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