Solving an Unhealthy Mice Infestation – How to Kill Mice

Mice are pests to anyone who is unlucky enough to encounter an infestation and often it can be a difficult decision when choosing how to exterminate them. There are more pricier options such as professional extermination and more cost friendly options such as killing them with traps and bait.
Depending on where the infestation is depends on which traps to buy and while traps would be most successful. Overall, there are many different types of trap and I’m going to try and help you choose by explaining the most popular options.

How to Kill Mice Outside Your Home

Outdoor rodent prevention methods don’t necessarily kill the animal. Mainly they give the animal somewhere more pleasurable to live so they don’t need to intrude in your home. This is ok, but you may find you attract more rats and worsen your own problem.
A way to kill mice though with outdoor methods is by purchasing the product ‘Sweeney’s Mice Killer’ or something similar to it such as ‘Contrac’. These mice killers are a wax based outdoor rodent feed which kills the animal dead in one feeding making it extremely toxic. If you have children then you may choose to not do this as you could harm them as well. Before putting poisonous bait down for the rodents make sure there are no other competing food sources or your efforts may be wasted.

How to Kill Mice Inside the House

How to kill mice indoors can be just as difficult for homeowners as often the word kill is the optimal word. The most popular form of indoor mouse prevention methods is snapping mouse traps. Often these don’t kill on contact, they make the animal suffer but if they do kill on contact it can be humane and an effective way of clearing a mouse infestation. The traps can come in all shapes and sizes and often bait is used on the trap to lure the mouse in.
One of the things that homeowners don’t enjoy by using indoor mouse traps to kill is the removal of the dead mice, this has to be done extremely well otherwise you and your family could contract disease from the rodents.

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